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At a Glance: Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a highly specialized style of fishing where an artificial “fly” is used as bait for catching fish. Artificial flies are handmade by tying beads, feathers, fur, yarn and other synthetic materials to specialized hooks. Flies are designed to look like on of several different things, including insects at various stages of development, worms, amphibians or baitfish. Flies imitating insects are typically tied to “match the hatch.” This means that the fly pattern is attempting to imitate a specific species of insect native to the water where the angler is fishing. The rod, reel and flies are very lightweight in comparison to the weighted line used in fly fishing. Fly fishing differs from other casting tactics which rely on weighted lures or terminal tackle cast with thin, light lines. In fly fishing, the lines are much thicker and heavier, to be able to deliver the lightweight fly in a very controlled manner and soft landing, to avoid spooking the target fish nearby. The heavy fly line, designated by weight ratings, pulls itself out during the cast. Along with the highly flexible rods, the weighted line requires stylized casting motions, creating elegant line movement in the air above the water. This gives the romanticized images associated with fly fishing. The special techniques of fly fishing make this a more challenging and intricate way to catch fish. FishUSA offers everything you will need as a beginner or a seasoned fly angler, including fly and spey rods, fly reels, fly fishing outfits, fly lines, leaders, tippet and backing, flies, fly tying, weights and sinkers, floats, bobbers and indicators, wading, apparel, gear storage, landing gear, rod accessories, reel accessories, line accessories, tools, fly fishing accessories, and books and videos.

Fly and spey rods are the freshwater and saltwater fly rods and the specialized spey and switch rods used to cast fly lines. Fly reels are designed to hold fly line and backing on a spool which mounts to a frame aimed straight towards the rod guides. These reels are made of machined metals, cast metals or composites, and typically feature an adjustable drag. Fly fishing outfits are the fly rod and reel combos paired by manufacturers to provide perfectly balanced outfits. Fly fishing outfits include youth combos and often come with the fly line, backing and travel case for each specific weight. Fly lines include the floating, sinking, intermediate, full sinking, running and shooting, and spey skagit and switch lines needed for trout, salmon and steelhead, bass, pike/musky, bonefish, tarpon and striper. Leaders, tippet and backing are the monofilament, fluorocarbon, braid, wire, and copolymer leaders and tippet spools for all fly fishing tactics. Flies are the pre-tied dry flies, nymphs, bead heads, streamers and muddlers, worms, sowbugs and scuds, poppers, terrestrials, crayfish and egg patterns for fly anglers to fill their fly box before each outing. Fly tying is the category for all of the hooks, materials, kits, tools and vises needed for an angler to tie their own flies. Weights and sinkers are the specialty weights and split shots made of lead, tungsten, tin, and eco-friendly materials well suited for fly fishing. Floats, bobbers and indicators are the plastic, balsa, cork and foam/yarn indicators for nymph, egg patterns and wet fly presentations. Wading provides the waders, wading boots, cleats and spikes, vests and packs, and wading accessories required to access prime fly fishing waters worldwide. Apparel offers fly anglers jackets and hoodies, shirts and tops, pants and shorts, hats and gloves, shoes, socks and belts, and eyewear to suit both comfort and style.

Gear storage is full of hard and soft tackle storage, fly boxes, packs and duffels, and rod storage for all of your fly tackle. Landing gear for fly anglers are the nets which can easily and conveniently attach to waders or vests to stay within an easy reach. Rod accessories are conversion kits, rod tubes and cases, and rod holders to keep all of your fly rods safe and available. Reel accessories are reel cases and spare spools which allow one reel to work with multiple line styles. Line accessories are the line tenders, lanyards and tippet holders, line cleaners and dressings, and leader loops and connectors used for versatility, maintenance, and storage of fly lines and leader material. Fly fishing accessories are handy items such as fly patches, tippet rings, and fly floatants to keep your dry flies on the surface of the water. Fly fishing tools offers pliers and forceps, cutters and scissors, hook sharpeners, lights, retractors, and thermometers to help an angler adapt their presentation for changing conditions. Books and videos are the educational and intriguing resources available, highlighting fly fishing tactics, advice and fly tying instructions to help any fly angler improve their fly fishing game.

The top five fly fishing brands at FishUSA include RIO, Sage, Cortland, Simms and Fishpond.


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